January 14, 2022

Lyon County Public Health Is Moving COVID-19 Test Scheduling Online

Lyon County Public Health and Flint Hills Community Health Center are updating their process to schedule a COVID-19 test. Instead of calling to schedule a test, individuals are urged to schedule their test online at https://publichealth.lyoncounty.org/appointment-types/covid-19-testing-appointments.

Due to the national surge in COVID-19, there has been an increased demand for testing. By moving to an online scheduling system, Public Health is hoping to alleviate hold times on their phone system and get people scheduled for a test faster. Appointment times are limited, and lab results for some test may take 1 to 3 days.

“By moving to an online scheduling system, we are making it more convenient for people to get tested,” said Jennifer Millbern, Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. “Between the disease investigations and scheduling tests, the increase in cases is straining our phone system. It is important to us that people can reach us, so by moving test scheduling online, it is more convenient for those who need a test, and those who are trying to reach an investigator.”

Testing at Flint Hills Community Health Center is available Monday through Friday.