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To be eligible for the third dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, you must have gotten your last Pfizer dose at least 6 months ago.
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Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Testing

How long does it take to get test results back?

It depends on which type of tests are performed & which lab (if any), they are set to. The rapid tests take approximately 15 minutes &do not need to be sent to a lab. The normal tests have to be sent off to one of the labs & they take 24-48 hours to get results.

General COVID-19 Questions

How do I know if I have come into contact with a COVID-19 positive person? Will I be noticed once they test positive?

If a positive person has identified you as a direct contact, you will be notified by a Lyon County Public Health staff member.

Will we be notified of businesses where COVID-19 positive individuals have been?

As part of the investigation, persons are asked to identify where they have been and specific people they have come in contact with.

Is it safe to go to the doctor's office or emergency room?

Yes, they are taking precautionary measures as directed. It is recommended to call before visiting any healthcare provider, including ER.

Who do I call if I suspect I have symptoms?

Your primary healthcare provider.

Who can be tested?

Follow up with your primary healthcare provider. At this time only those that are sick enough to need to be admitted to the hospital are being tested.

If I contract COVID-19, should I quarantine away from family members that I live with?

Yes. You should isolate away from everyone.

If I contract COVID-19, will my entire family be quarantined?

Yes, if you are living in the same home, as well as anyone else you have had contact with.

If I have to travel, do I have to quarantine when home from travel?

It depends on where you traveled, based on current guidelines. Please see for the latest information.

What is asymptomatic? Can this type of person transmit the virus?

Someone who shows no symptoms is asymptomatic. Yes, it is possible for them to transmit the virus, current research is ongoing.

Who is monitoring cleanliness of restaurants and stores that are open? What if the employees have symptoms?

Restaurants are subject to Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) guidelines 785-564-6767. Employers should be following their own protocols for sick employees. If you have a complaint about concerns on the order please call 620-208-3741.

Where can I find current information on COVID-19? Which sources are credible?

Are pets effected by COVID-19? If so, can they pass it to humans, or humans pass it to pets?

Per at this time, there is no evidence that pets can spread COVID-19.

COVID-19 Enforcement

Can people be arrested and placed in jail if they have the virus?

If you are COVID-19 presumptive/positive you are under an order to isolate by the Lyon County Public Health Department or medical provider. If you violate the isolation order, Public Health will go to the Court to obtain an order to enforce the isolation in their home.

COVID-19 & Business

I work out of the county, can I drive across county lines?

Yes. You can, please be mindful of other county’s orders if applicable.

How is having this order in place different than what we are already doing, social distancing?

This is a Stay At Home Order restricting contact to those in your home, with the exception of essential activities.

Why did employer give letter to employees to travel if it is not needed to travel?

Some counties are requiring it, Lyon County is not.

With regards to employment, are there directives saying what employment or businesses are considered essential?

Who do I contact for information on COVID-19 on fraudulent calls and who to report them to?

How are hotels safe?

Hotels are subject to the same social distancing and cleaning guidelines as other businesses.

Will attorneys be available if the courthouse is not open?

You will need to call their offices for that information.

Who do I call if my place of work is violating the order?

Please call Lyon County Public Health at (620) 208-3741

Schedule a COVID-19 Test

If you are suffering from COVID-19 symptoms, please call your provider or call the COVID-19 hotline to schedule a test.
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