January 19, 2022

Lyon County Public Health Updating COVID-19 Dashboard

Lyon County Public Health will be updating the COVID-19 dashboard on Wednesday, January 19, 2021. The dashboard will be simplified and will have graphs showing New Positive Cases over time, a 7-day rolling average of New Positive cases and a count of Lyon County’s Total Positive Cases and Deaths.

These graphs are being added to provide the most useful data of the pandemic in Lyon County. New positive cases is one of the key data sets that Lyon County Public Health uses to gauge the pandemic.  

“This is the data that we use when making decisions about COVID,” said Jennifer Millbern, Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. “We want the public to see the same data and trends that we are seeing. We can see increases in cases, and decreases, before we can see the trends in the old Active Cases graph. Due to the changes in isolation times from 10 days in 2020 to 5 days now, you can’t really compare the different waves of the pandemic accurately using the Active Cases graph. We only want to put out data to the public that is accurate and that we can stand behind.”

The Active Cases By Day graph, which many people have used to gauge the pandemic, will be replaced with Positive Cases by Day graph which was previously on the Case Summary Charts Section.  

Lyon County Public Health continues to be dedicated to providing the public with accurate information about issues that affect the health of the community so people can make informed decisions about their wellbeing. We will continue to host our old dashboard for archival purposes, but it will no longer be updated.